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The Importance of Having Some Alone Time In a Relationship.

This is such an important conversation that needs to be talked about in the early stage of a new dating scenario.

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Quite often, when we start dating someone that we are smitten with we jump in excitedly without placing any caution on how protective we should be with our hearts early on.

This type of behavior happens with many couples when they fall hard and fast for each other. Sadly, when things start out too quickly, they often end just as fast. It also sets up a false sense of security that usually changes within the relationship after the 2–3 month mark has passed.

“Wow things are so good, this is so amazing how can they possibly go wrong? We are the perfect couple!” That is of course, until one person freaks out that things are moving way too fast and runs away from the relationship.

This is such a common occurrence in new partnerships because people don’t take their time getting to know each other and allow things to form at a natural pace.

Unfortunately a new pressure arises when reality starts to surface and takes over that initial euphoric bliss. The early dynamics are now starting to change and the partnership excitement is starting to dissipate. (I think most people have had this happen at least once in their past relationships.)

This repetitive relationship mistake can be prevented!

There should always be some personal space between a couple in the beginning of a new partnership so you both become accustomed to having some time apart. It also sets a comfortable pace so you both don’t get caught in that lustful addiction trap.

The more time you spend with your partner, the more you may become too dependent on them. People can become clingy in these fast relationships and don’t end up having the solid foundation they are truly looking for. Things often fizzle out quickly due to this exact reason, and it really isn’t a healthy practice to get into if you want to maintain longevity as a couple.

Taking time out for yourself each week actually…



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