Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way.

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You are in charge of what you bring into your life which includes those repetitive patterns that may be keeping you stuck. We don’t often realize that we are sabotaging our own personal happiness due to some of our internal thoughts and behaviors. What you think and say becomes a big part of your overall makeup and how you are perceived by others.

What is the most common phrase that runs around in your head when it comes to dating and relationships?

Does it sound something like this: “It will never work,” “They will just cheat on me,” “Why do I always attract drama into my life?” The common denominator here is you, and the continuing dialogue within your…

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Having an emotional connection is a really important part of your relationship and should be a very high priority on your checklist. While I am not a believer in high maintenance lists, you should always have at least 5 non-negotiable characteristics that need to be met before you commit to an exclusive partnership.

Here are 5 characteristics that are very important in most relationships

  1. Reciprocated communication (Emotionally, physically, verbally, and sexually.)
  2. Integrity.
  3. Trust and honesty.
  4. Mutual respect.
  5. Similar morals and values.

If you don’t have emotional compatibility it can cause a detachment in your partnership later on


Today’s article is a popular topic that many men and women want to vent about. Things can be quite confusing in a new relationship, especially when they start out fast and furious! The initial excitement is very addictive but unfortunately, it often ends just as fast as it started.

Why are so many new relationships only lasting for 3–6 months?

What’s going on? Why can’t some people seem to get past the early stages of a partnership even though everything is so amazing? Why does it fizzle out? Are the expectations too much and is the checklist too high maintenance?

Often when we meet someone who fits all the criteria that…

I absolutely loved this! I could have highlighted the whole post!

Many of us have close friends outside our relationships but is it OK to have a “deep emotional connection” with someone other than our partner?


How do you know if you are engaging in more than just a friendly conversation?

  1. Ask yourself if you would say those same things to your partner. Would they be upset knowing you were having this type of conversation with someone other than them?
  2. Are you being secretive about these discussions with your friend?
  3. Have the dynamics changed between you both from how things originally started out in your friendship?
  4. Is this emotional connection happening more often and taking away time from being with your partner?
  5. Have things changed with…

I loved this article Mary!! Your mother is right, you are beautiful just the way you are! xo

I absolutely love the way you write! You always have a great message and give readers things to think about.

I was smiling through the whole post! Loved it!

Does Your Childhood Play a Part in Your Relationships Today?

Photo by Kristina Paukshtite from Pexels

Your formative years growing up have a big impact on some of the choices you make as an adult. This is especially true when it comes to repeating dating and relationship patterns that aren’t working for you. If you weren’t shown love in your young life at home, you could have some big concerns when it comes to trust, and understanding what love truly means for you today.

It’s never too late to find love in your life but the first step is to own that there may be some damaging childhood dialogue that needs to be removed.

You could…

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Today on Medium I discuss my client’s story. Sherry gave me her permission to talk about our sessions as she wants other people to understand that all is not lost after dealing with a very difficult breakup.

There can definitely be love again when you take the right steps to allow yourself to get there.”

Sherry shares what she learned during our four months together and how she moved forward in a healthy way, which eventually led her to happiness with a new partner one year after her ex broke her heart.

Sometimes those tough scenarios lead you to a…

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Susan McCord (Dear Sybersue) is a Dating/Relationship Advice Show Host, Published Author, Certified Coach, Blogger & Advice Columnist.

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