Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way.

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You are in charge of what you bring into your life which includes those repetitive patterns that may be keeping you stuck. We don’t often realize that we are sabotaging our own personal happiness due to some of our internal thoughts and behaviors. …

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Having an emotional connection is a really important part of your relationship and should be a very high priority on your checklist. …


Today’s article is a popular topic that many men and women want to vent about. Things can be quite confusing in a new relationship, especially when they start out fast and furious! The initial excitement is very addictive but unfortunately, it often ends just as fast as it started.

Why are so many new relationships only lasting for 3–6 months?


I Had a Brain Aneurysm — My Story

Today on Medium I discuss a different subject rather than my usual dating and relationship topics. I decided to share this video (below) and post, regarding a medical procedure that I went through 3 1/2 months ago. …

5 Signs Your 1st Date Went Really Well!

You’ve heard about those big red flags to look out for but it’s important to know what makes a great date as well.


If you are ready to meet your life partner there are some important attributes that you should be looking for.

Be careful not to be overly picky or too judgmental as this can sabotage your happiness if this is a continued practice. …

I absolutely loved this! I could have highlighted the whole post!

Many of us have close friends outside our relationships but is it OK to have a “deep emotional connection” with someone other than our partner?


How do you know if you are engaging in more than just a friendly conversation?

  1. Ask yourself if you would say those same things to your partner. …

I loved this article Mary!! Your mother is right, you are beautiful just the way you are! xo

I absolutely love the way you write! You always have a great message and give readers things to think about.

I was smiling through the whole post! Loved it!

Susan McCord

Susan McCord (Dear Sybersue) Helps Men & Women Find Love! She is a Certified Dating & Relationship Coach, Author & Advice Columnist.

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