Susan McCord
6 min readAug 17, 2021

5 Signs Your 1st Date Went Really Well!

You’ve heard about those big red flags to look out for but it’s important to know what makes a great date as well.


If you are ready to meet your life partner there are some important attributes that you should be looking for.

Be careful not to be overly picky or too judgmental as this can sabotage your happiness if this is a continued practice. Having some respectful boundaries is a good thing and necessary but stay open to giving people a chance.

We can often make assumptions way too early about someone, which keeps us going back to first date mode over and over again. This can be really tough on your self-worth! Unless the date is really horrible I usually suggest to my clients that they do go on a second date to see if there could be a connection. First dates always have some uncomfortable moments and it often takes a few more dates to feel more comfortable and confident with each other.

I hope that the reason you stopped by to read this post is that you still believe in love and relationships. You understand that your attitude and confidence are important factors for meeting a potential partner. You “get it” that you are in charge of who you attract towards you.

Susan McCord

Susan helps men & women find love💕 She is a mature woman with a sassy attitude who has experienced many life challenges!